The Berry that Cares...

  • About You
    We know you value fresh flavor with a nutritional punch and taking care of our planet to make you feel good inside and out.
  • About Our People
    We take care of our employees and the land they nurture by providing them with accessible health and educational services for a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • About Our Community
    Twenty years ago, many families from the northern region of Peru came to work and make possible the desert bloom.
  • About Our Planet
    We care for our planet as much as you do. Our goal is to use local resources responsibly and apply an integrated approach to pest management.
The Berry That Care’s Easy to Make Recipes
They’re antioxidant-rich and packed with vitamins, they’re sweetness makes us want to add them to almost everything.
Whether it’s for breakfast or tea time, blueberries are so versatile they can be combined into tangy cakes or syrupy jams. We visited The Berry That Cares’ kitchen to find our expert cooks combining our plump berries with the basics to make these perfect sweet-tooth craving recipes.