How we care

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    We’re committed to a sustainable development, not only as a business but as a community of people.
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    From our workers to their children, we offer support in their development as professionals and human beings.
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    Educational programs for the children of employees keep their artistic and athletic skills active all summer long.
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    Year round, our Wawa Wasi Rayito de Sol program works to stimulate the psychomotor, social and language skills of our employees’ young children.
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    In fact, we so value future generations that we offer expecting mothers on our workforce the services to ensure a healthy labor and postpartum experience.
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    .It’s important that our employees grow with us, which is why we’ve teamed up with universities in order to offer them financial support to continue their education.
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    We believe in a diverse workforce to reflect the community it serves, so we offer a wide range of job positions able to suit our employees’ needs and circumstances.
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    We care about providing healthy food to our customers, but it all begins with fostering the lifestyle and wellbeing of our employees first.
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If you want a plant to grow, you give it love and care - and the same can be said for a team of workers! With educational and social programs geared towards improving their quality of life and happiness, our employees have our full support, on and off the field.
  • A close community of workers after a productive harvesting day
  • A proud harvester loads the fresh produce of the day into a special refrigerated truck
  • Vanessa Mamani drops off her 3 year-old son Michel at Wawa Wasi Rayito de Sol before heading to the fields
  • “Almost every member of my family has a job at Camposol,” says harvest supervisor Nancy Polo Boca Negra
  • “It’s important to work for our people and support them in every aspect of their lives,” says María Polo, an agent for the well-being of the staff
  • A harvester gives us some tips on how to pick the best berries from the bush
  • Diana Inga Yupanqui enjoys listening to her favorite music while she collects berries in the fields
  • Jorge Luis Arista begins his day making sure everything is on the right track