How we care

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    As our company has developed and our team has grown, a thriving community surrounding has formed.
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    Our neighbors in the district of Chao share this land that we care for so much, and is also home to many of our employees, their families and friends.
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    We teamed up with other entities in order to develop the Nuevo Chao Health Center, providing comprehensive care to all of the inhabitants of the growing district.
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    As well, we’ve initiated free medical campaigns in alliance with private and public organizations to promote healthy habits and prevention.
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    On and off our fields we’re committed to creating opportunities. Laundry Services are an example of how our company can help creating good business for the young entrepreneurs in Chao.
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    The education of the newer generations has been a priority of ours as well, so we’ve aligned with local educational institutions workshops focused on art and personal development.
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    We’re proud to export healthy and fresh produces around the world, but it’s important to us that our community is well fed too. We share quality fruits and vegetables to nearby populations to encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
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If you want a plant to grow, you give it love and care - and the same can be said for a team of workers! With educational and social programs geared towards improving their quality of life and happiness, our employees have our full support, on and off the field.
  • Our story goes back to 1997 when this land was a desert with a single farm
  • This is how a typical morning begins in the district of Chao
  • Two local children take some minutes to play before heading to nursery school
  • The Plaza de Armas of Chao is the nerve center of the district
  • Located in the main square is Chao’s religious temple Cruz del Redentor
  • Minutes before little kids rush to Wawa Wasi Rayito de Sol, which has looked after more than a thousand children since its founding in 2007
  • Once an arid desert, the vast acres of green are now filled with lush blueberry crops
  • Two harvesters get ready to head home after a busy day of reaping blueberries