The Berry that Cares...

  • About You
    We know you value fresh flavor with a nutritional punch and taking care of our planet to make you feel good inside and out.
  • About Our People
    We take care of our employees and the land they nurture by providing them with accessible health and educational services for a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • About Our Community
    Twenty years ago, many families from the northern region of Peru came to work and make possible the desert bloom.
  • About Our Planet
    We care for our planet as much as you do. Our goal is to use local resources responsibly and apply an integrated approach to pest management.
Five Facts About Our Berries
We invite you to discover Trujillo: the land of archeological treasures, wonderful beaches and the home of our dainty berries.
Is it that perfect combination of sunlight, shade, topography and climate that has made these tiny sugary gems to thrive? Or could it be the peculiar location of our farm on the ample desert plain that lies at the mouth of the Moche Valley?